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What is Physical Therapy?
A healthcare profession dedicated to helping you develop, preserve, and restore your physical abilities and improve your every function after injury, illness, or birth condition. Physical Therapists are also committed to health promotion and injury prevention techniques.

Who Practices Physical Therapy?
College graduates from either a Bachelor of Science or a Master's Entry Level accredited program who have also passed the state licensing examination.

Why see a Physical Therapist?
Because you believe you can feel better and reclaim improved performance at work and play.

Where do I go?
To any physical therapist you choose. Your insurance company usually requires a prescription for Physical Therapy Examination and Treatment Intervention.

What is Massabesic Health Resources?
An independent, rural physical therapy clinic established in 1987. MHR is dedicated to providing you with personalized, professional healthcare to improve the quality of your life. Take a tour of the clinic on our website or in person to learn what Physical Therapy at MHR is all about.

Why should I choose MHRPT?

At MHRPT, our number one priority is you - you will receive hands-on treatment, from people who take the time to listen to what you're saying, feeling, and your goals.  Every individual injury requires an individual treatment program, and to that end we personalize each patient's recovery program, from the first evaluation to the at-home-programs designed to keep you in shape and improving long after your last appointment.  We have been a part of our community for over 20 years, and we know the lifestyles, habits, and concerns of our area!

How long will I be in Physical Therapy?

That depends on the severity of your injury.  Is it chronic?  Have you had surgery?  Is it muscle-based?  What is your fitness level?  How severe is it?  What type of injury is it?  These and other questions are essential to establishing a time frame for treatment - and just like every injury is unique, so is every patient.  The best way to find out is to come in for an Evaluation!

Does my insurance cover Out-Patient Physical Therapy?
Check with your insurance company on the specifics of your policy. Each insurance company sets their own procedures and policies. Call your customer representative for an explanation of your purchased plan.

What additional and related services do you offer?
Since 1993, MHR has offered the local community full participation in exercise programs and special health education classes. A complete gym and heated pool are available for a nominal fee. Access to the facility is by scheduled appt. to ensure a comfortable, working ratio.

What is the fee structure for Physical Therapy?
At present, if you are in a Fee for Service Insurance program, you are charged for those professional services you receive.

Do all insurance companies pay for Physical Therapy?
Check your insurance coverage to learn about the specific guidelines of your health insurance benefits.

How do you bill for your services?
Traditionally, insurance companies have required a coded breakdown of the physical therapy evaluations, modalities, procedures utilized at every visit. Our fees reflect charges which are typical of this geographical region. We bill primary insurance companies weekly utilizing a standardized industry format.

Tell me about the newer types of insurance companies?
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are several examples of the new health insurance entities.

Why the changes from the traditional systems?
This is the age of accountability. Please recognize that there are many insurance products available. You have chosen or accepted a health plan with very specific benefits. It is your responsibility to become acquainted with this package and to follow the outlined guidelines for the reimbursement of your treatment program

What do I need to do differently?
Most of the new health plans require pre-certifications, primary care referrals, pre-authorization of visits and extensions. We will work with you to facilitate the process. We are not in a position to take all these steps for you. Please understand it is your healthcare plan.

What are some of the more common conditions that a physical therapist might treat?
Common conditions may include a group of orthopaedic problems related to the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles such as back or neck pain, dislocations, fractures, headaches, osteoporosis, pre- and post-surgical conditions of an arm, leg or spine, sprains and strains for example.
Sports injuries- of all different types are commonly seen. Traumatic and overuse injuries both benefit from prompt and appropriate healthcare. The serious and recreational athlete alike are frequently treated.
Workplace injuries- resolve more quickly from early intervention. Most often, these problems fall in the first category of orthopaedic conditions.
Neurologic conditions- resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease, peripheral nerve and spinal cord injury name a few of those more common conditions seen in an out patient clinic.
Rheumatologic conditions- such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, and rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from focused physical therapy interventions.
Heart and lung (cardiopulmonary) and circulatory (cardiovascular) conditions- such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, emphysema, family history of or heart disease, hypertension, recovery after uncomplicated heart attack, obesity and peripheral vascular disease.
Connective tissue disorders- after a severe burn, excessive scarring, ulcers, and wounds are also treated to return maximal function and mobility to the region.
Systemic diseases- including the effects of cancer may be helped by focused interventions by a physical therapist.

For more detailed information on Physical Therapy in Waterboro and surrounding towns, call or e-mail us.

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