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Sports Related Injury Prevention

Sports Injuries
Are defined as any injury occurring during athletic participation including competition, practice and/or recreation. Unfortunately, these injuries generally require the athlete to avoid the very activity he or she enjoys, further complicating the situation and recovery.

A Physical Therapist's Involvement
The PT staff at Massabesic Health Resources all have extensive knowledge regarding injuries related to athletic participation. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the injury from happening in the first place versus treat the aftermath of an unwanted and painful event.

Prevention involves recognizing certain risk factors through Preseason Screenings then taking the necessary steps to reduce or even eliminate these risks.
Two broad categories of risk factors are identified:

Extrinsic–outside conditions

  • Training parameters -i.e. frequency, intensity
  • Environmental conditions, terrain
  • Equipment -i.e.helmet, pads, shoes

Intrinsic–characteristics of the athlete
  • Physical fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility)
  • Past injury(ies)
  • Age
  • Gender


Once these risk factors are identified, it is up to the PT staff to design a prevention program specific to each athlete and their own condition, so that the risks of injury are minimized.

Research Into The Science of Exercise
The staff at MHR is currently involved in a research study that is looking at the effects of exercise training and the risk of low back injury in high school athletes. Specifically, high school athletes will be screened for inclusion into the study then separated into two groups. One group will follow an exercise training program utilizing a Maine fabricated stretch bench, while the other group will follow an exercise program without the stretch bench. Both groups will also receive an introduction to spine care during their sports season. After the 12 week training period, the groups will be re-assessed to determine if the stretch bench does or does not have an effect on back strength. At the same time, we will investigate the ability to predict the risk of low back injury as it correlates to back strength.
We will soon begin the process of developing our two necessary groups of athletes. We wish to invite any healthy athlete interested in participation to inquire at MHR for more information.
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