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Occupational Health- Industrial Strength

At work, the public is exposed to potential occupational environmental hazards each day associated with completing one's job.
Physical Therapists at Massabesic Health Resources are specifically interested in helping educate your workers to prevent unnecessary accidents or injuries from occurring in the first place.
In order to prevent injuries or illnesses, Employer/Employee education is an excellent place to start. Massabesic Health Resources' Physical Therapists provide functional training aimed at enhancing the physical health and well being while at work.

Occupational Health Services Available

  • Customized Prevention/Wellness Trainings
  • Educational Programs: Topics include Arm, Back, Neck, Cumulative Trauma Disorders
  • Ergonomics: At Your Workplace
  • Fitness in the Workplace
  • Tailored Evaluations- Safety in Daily Practice
  • Stress Management
  • Job Specific Wellness Presentations

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