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So you want to feel better!

Guess what?

One of the most successful methods we have found to help you is to teach you how to treat yourself well each and every day.

The importance of mindful, self-care is continuously emphasized when you are seen for treatment at Massabesic Health Resources. Learn how to accept responsibility for how you feel by understanding how your body responds to the mechanical stressors of daily life.

Your body is in constant movement. Your daily demands on your body are relentless. Let us train you to how to move away from pain. Be prepared to make changes in your daily habits to speed up your healing process and prevent re-injury.

You are invited to ask questions of your physical therapist and to seek new levels of understanding about yourself and the world we live in. Often, you may come to the realization that not every question has an answer nor the one you wish to hear.

At home, you will be instructed to perform Therapeutic Exercises that may also include Aerobic Conditioning to accelerate your recovery. Functional Re-Training is the name given to those activities that permit you to care for yourself independently and may have been previously taken for granted. Such as brushing your teeth, walking to the kitchen, driving to the movies, reaching for the top shelf...

On the job, at play or at school, you are potentially at risk of injury, re-injury or accidental mishap. Prevention strategies are included in our treatment approach at Massabesic Health Resources.

Learn to preserve your optimal health!

Massabesic Health Resources