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MHR is an avid believer in mentoring the next generation of Healthcare Providers. We officially participate in the clinical education of 1st year medical students, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Initially, this trend began when schools and students approached us for clinical internships in 1994. Most Physical Therapy Schools require three apprenticeships at hospitals or clinics for a period of usually 6-8 weeks each.

Physical Therapy programs that have sought our mentoring include University of New England, Massachusetts General Hospital, Institute of Graduate Health Professions, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and Notre Dame College. Entry level programs in Physical Therapy now require a Master's degree to successfully finish.

Physical Therapy Assistant programs that requested to send their senior students to us have included Endicott College, Newbury College of the greater Boston area and Kennebec Valley Technical College of Waterville, Maine. Physical Therapy Assistants work under the direct supervision of Physical Therapists upon successfully completing a two-year accredited college curriculum and passing a state licensing examination.

First year medical students from New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (NECOM) began a weekly ½ day observation of "How Physical Therapy is Clinically Practiced" in January of 1992. Every Spring semester since, we have hosted NECOM students through May introducing concepts of integrative healthcare.

Local high schools in Hollis, Sanford and Waterboro have consistently sent their students for either a formal Job Shadow program or a single visit/interview to learn about the profession of Physical Therapy. MHR is committed to assisting young people in their personal quest for a professional career in the healthcare field.

Regional college and university students from Connecticut and Maine have volunteered over the years to gain professional exposure and clarify their perspective on potential career options.

All students and volunteers are oriented to the confidential nature of the clinical practice in Waterboro. The patient's right to privacy is always respected.

Local Orthopedic Surgeon Shares Clinical Expertise
Clinical Practice requires ongoing learning in order to stay current in a rapidly, changing world. Many thanks to Dr. William Meade of Mousam Valley Orthopedics in Springvale, Maine for his dedication to the local community. Since 1989, Dr. Meade has offered a mini-lecture series to interested healthcare professionals on numerous Orthopedic topics that have included a host of diagnoses, treatments and conference updates on the most current research. Frequently, MHR has hosted these events mid-week at 8 am. Check this site for future lecture dates and topics.

Massabesic Health Resources